Air Conditioner Cages

Air Conditioner Copper Theft
Don't let this happen to your home or place of business!


Copper prices are at an all time high and so is copper theft. Air conditioning units are prime targets due to their easy access and copper content. It can take a thief under five minutes to destroy a $2500 residential unit in order to steal about $32 worth of copper. Thieves strip the A/C units and sell the copper for scrap and you're left without air conditioning or heat. This can be very expensive for homeowners and devastating for businesses.

Prevention costs less replacement.

Iron AC cage custom built by Artistic Iron Works, Las Vegas, NV

       It only takes a couple minutes to open an AC unit and strip the copper, with a custom build AC cage you just took that opportunity for quick theft away. Just the visual of an AC unit that is protected is a deterrent.

CUSTOM BUILT IRON CLAD SECURITY - All of our cages are custom built to here in our Las Vegas fabrication facility. The fabrication of the cages can allow for flying object protection and the lock areas are constructed to be bolt cutter resistant. All cages are Powder Coated and the color can be matched to the building, fencing and/or surroundings to give cages a more aesthetic appeal.
Air Conditioner Enclosures Artistic Iron Works, Las Vegas, NVair-conditioning-covers artistic-iron

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